Active Week 2022

This year we had lots of activities for the children both indoors and outdoors to encourage them to move more throughout the school day and to promote being active in their home lives.

The children also took part in sports day and there were lots of activities, such as: dancing, tennis, football, musical chairs, an egg and spoon race, a water relay, a sack race, a walk in the Gaels park, basketball, an assault course, parachute games and more.

Active Week 2021

Active Week ran for the week beginning Monday 31st of May 2021. We were so blessed with the weather and the students got to take part in lots of wonderful activities, such as :

Fun with Sheila, Tennis with Carmel, Gymnastics and Boxercise with School Fitness Ireland, as well as the many activities carried out at class levels.

Well done everyone! 😉

Room 2 Active Week

Room 2 had great fun during Active Week, here are some snaps of our activities:

Second class

Flower Fairies: To celebrate Active Week we picked some wildflowers and created these amazing flower fairies!