School Policies

St. Louise de Marillac is a telling school. We encourage all our pupils to tell an adult if something is bothering or upsetting them. In the yard we use the “Stop, Stop, Tell” Technique. If child A is bothering child B, child B politely asks child A to stop. If the behaviour continues, child B says to child A “Stop or I’ll Tell”. If the behaviour continues child B informs a member of staff. This technique encourages children to develop their self confidence and conflict resolution skills. Please refer to the school’s Code of Behaviour policy for further details.

In relation to our children’s safety and behaviour we have a number of policies below. The following policies are available to read online. Hard copies are also available to read in the school office should you wish to access.

Making St. Louise’s a Safe Space

Dignity at Work, Adult Bullying & Harassment Policy

Mobile Phone Policy Jan 2023

Code of Behaviour  Amendment to Code of Behaviour Covid 19
Anti-Bullying PolicyAmendment to Anti-Bullying Covid 19
Special Educational Needs Policy
Supervision of Pupils Policy
Equality Policy
Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Policy

Keeping our Students Healthy

Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School
Healthcare Plan Form for Parents Appendix
Anaphylaxis Appendix A
Asthma Appendix
Diabetes Appendix
Epilepsy Appendix
Health and Safety Statement Sept 2020
Parent Request Form
Safety, Health & Welfare Statement

Updated COVID-19 Response Plan February 2021.docx

Amendment to Health & Safety Statement Covid 19

Administration of Short-term Medication Policy

Substance Use Policy

Fostering Learning at St. Louise’s

Homework Policy
Internet Acceptable Use Policy

St. Louise de Marillac Remote Learning Policy

Statement of Strategy For Pupil Attendance

General Policies

Complaints Procedures
Early Start Admission Policy
GDPR & Data Protection PolicySchool Tours and Trips Policy

HSCL Policy

Parents as Partners Policy