Our School Crest and Motto

Our crest is like our coat of arms and our school motto is a key message that we wish other people to know about us. These 2 items were deliberated over by staff and pupils in 2011 before an agreement was reached and a crest and slogan were chosen. Both tell what we want to say about our school and what we would like others to say about our school.  

Our school crest was designed with the involvement of all pupils. At that time the Junior and Senior schools had amalgamated and a new emblem was needed. Class teachers explained to the pupils that our crest would be a public display of the qualities that our school community considers important. All pupils from Early Start to 6th Class were challenged to produce a crest that depicted the significant values of our school. All pupils were given an opportunity to submit their individual crest designs. It was interesting to note that regardless of artistic and creative endeavours, a number of reoccurring themes emerged across pupils of all ages and abilities. Sports & play, the arts and culture, academic learning, appreciation of the environment and friendship featured strongly in the pupils’ designs. With these elements in mind the crest was designed. Attention was given to the colour and shape. We are very proud of the crest the pupils produced not just because it is attractive and colourful but because it represents the values the children themselves identified as important.


  • A little girl skipping and a basketball representing play and fun and challenges
  • Music notes and drama mask representing creativity, talent and relaxation
  • Books – representing knowledge and learning
  • A flower- care of environment and  spirit of  nurturing 
  • Hands of different races representing inclusiveness, co-operation and spirit of friendship and kindness. We all appreciate the  support  friends  give us. We know that when we work together in a co-operative and harmonious spirit, where tolerance and respect are paramount and support and encouragement is given that we achieve a lot. 

Our school mottoTogether we Grow- Cairde Le Chéile-Friends Together.

This is not just a nice catch phrase but tells the message we strive to live up to in this school. 

Children will inevitably grow in physical sense and we are privileged to be involved in their development as they negotiate a journey, not just through the world of education, but also a very  complex social journey where learning to relate to others in a positive and productive manner is  an absolute necessity.