Upcoming Retirements

The school’s Assistant Principal Ms Bernie Grant and the Principal Ms Kathryn Crowley will be retiring from St Louise’s and from teaching on Friday next 22nd December. Ms. Grant has spent her entire teaching career of 35 years in St. Louise’s and Ms Crowley has been principal in the school since 2002. They will both miss the children, the parents and the staff of the school.

Ms Crowley shares her thoughts:

“It has been an enormous privilege for me to play my part as principal of St. Louise’s Primary School during the past fifteen years. These last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. I will really miss the school community of Ballyfermot: the children who keep me endlessly entertained and positive; the staff who constantly humble me by their dedication to their jobs; the parents who love their children above all else and who go to such great lengths to ensure that they achieve their potential and their dreams.

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you, as parents and partners in our great school, for welcoming me into your community with a big heart and for your tremendous support to me in my role as Principal. I wish the school community of St. Louise’s continued success and know that it will go from strength to strength for years to come under the leadership and guidance of the wonderful incoming principal Alma Quinn. St. Louise’s will adapt and meet the challenges of our changing society and world and, with your support, will continue to be a shining beacon in the community of Ballyfermot. “


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