Accelerated Reader (AR) for 3rd to 6th Class Pupils


As you are aware the pupils from 3rd to 6th class are all taking part in the Accelerated Reader (AR) Programme.

When a pupil has completed a book, they take a quiz to determine their reading accuracy and understanding. In normal circumstances this quiz must be taken at school. However, due to the unprecedented school closures, Renaissance (the company behind AR) have now decided to facilitate quizzes to be taken at home.

The pupil should log into the AR website as they would at school (all students have a username and password). Click on the Accelerated Reader icon and input the book name or Quiz Number and begin their quiz.

St Louise’s AR website address:

The AR book finder is a useful website to search books, quiz number and book level. Students should be aware to the book level they are on.

We understand that it may be more difficult to obtain appropriate reading materials at this time. Renaissance have therefore introduced ‘Accelerated Reader Articles’ that the children can read and then take quizzes to assess their understanding. There is an icon on the homepage to access these.

The following link has tips on supporting students using Accelerated Reader

The aim of this is to continue to encourage the children to read while our school is closed. We know this is an extremely challenging time for children and parents, so please encourage your child to escape into the world of fantasy through reading.

Thanks for your support.


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