Christmas Raffle

Tickets for our annual Christmas raffle are now on sale. A ticket costs €1. When your child buys a ticket, his / her name is written on the back of the ticket. We are not giving children a physical ticket to bring home, as we want to reduce the possibility of infection spreading. All tickets will go into the drum next Monday for the raffle. First prize is a hamper; other prizes include homemade wreaths and chocolates.

Beautiful Christmas stockings, which were homemade, are also on sale at a cost of €2. They would make an ideal Christmas decoration or stocking filler!

First Prize
Christmas Stocking

Christmas Jumper Fundraiser

On Friday 18th we ask all children to wear their Christmas jumpers coming to school and to donate €2 to our charity fundraiser. This year we are raising funds for the Central Remedial Clinic. We have a pupil in our school, who has a physical disability, and she receives wonderful support from the CRC organisation. All proceeds from the Christmas jumper fundraiser will go directly to them. The children will enjoy a virtual panto on Friday. Thanks in advance for your support with our fundraising endeavours.

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