Use of Zoom

The delivery of lessons via Zoom will be trialled by some teachers interested in doing so and the parents of these classes will be asked to download Zoom in preparation for online teaching. It will be optional to participate in a class. The following protocol will be in place: 

  • All meetings will be password protected. 
  • The host (teacher) will control the Zoom call.  
  • A waiting room will be used and the host will allow entry and everyone will be muted.  
  • Content cannot be shared by the pupils through the share screen function – only the teacher will share content on the screen.  
  • The teacher will teach the lesson and ask the children then to go and practise the skill being taught on their own and to take a photo of their work/effort and upload it to Seesaw if they would like to show it to the teacher.  
  • The teacher will email the Zoom code/link with the scheduled time for the Zoom call prior to the event (usually the day before).  
  • All people involved in the meeting will conduct themselves in a similar manner that would be expected in a regular class.   
  • The host has the authority to end a lesson at any point if deemed necessary.  
  • It would be beneficial if parents/guardians were present but not seen on screen for the duration of the lesson.  
  • As stated initially this is being run on a trial basis and will be reviewed.  
  • We would like to remind all parents / guardians that they are responsible for having a secure network available.  
  • The teacher will remind participants at the start of each lesson that no screenshots or recording takes place as this would be a breach of data protection and privacy laws.   
  • Staff will not meet any child alone using an online meeting. If there is a need for a meeting between a child with a staff member, another adult must be present at the meeting and/or the meeting must be recorded.  

Guidelines for Using Zoom 

  • Zoom call must be within sight of a parent/guardian. 
  • Once logged on participants will wait in the virtual waiting room. Teachers will check to ensure you are in the class, so attendees should have their name/parent’s name as their title and their cameras turned on. 
  • Screenshots or recordings of any part of the Zoom call on any device, including a secondary device, are not allowed. 
  • Inappropriate language will not be tolerated. 
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn by everyone that can be seen on camera. 
  • Normal school rules apply. Be kind and respectful to all participants with your words and your actions. This applies both on screen and in the chat facility. 
  • If any of the above rules are broken, the pupil will be removed from the Zoom call immediately. 

Rules for Pupils When on a Zoom Call: 

  • Choose somewhere that is suitable for the meeting. Try and find a quiet spot in your house that is within sight of an adult. 
  • Mute your mic when you are not speaking. This will help keep background noise to a minimum so we can hear each other speak. 
  • Respect what everyone is saying, this is part of school! 
  • Try your best! 

How to Download Zoom 

Installing Zoom (Android) 

  1. Tap on the Google Play Store icon. 
  2. In Google Play, tap on Apps. 
  3. In the Play Store screen, tap on the Search icon (magnifying glass) located at the top right-hand side of the screen. 
  4. Enter zoom in the search text area, and then tap ZOOM Cloud Meetings from the search results. 
  5. In the next screen, tap Install / Open. 
  6. Choose Join a Meeting. 
  7. Enter the Meeting ID followed by the Passcode. 
  8. Turn on audio and video. 

Installing Zoom (iOS) 

  1. Tap on the Apple App Store icon on your iOS device to open. 
  2. Tap on Search at the bottom right of your screen. 
  3. Enter Zoom in the search text box. 
  4. Select ZOOM Cloud Meetings from the available app choices, and then tap on the GET button. The install process will start. 
  5. Tap Open. 
  6. Choose Join a Meeting.
  7. Enter the Meeting ID followed by the Passcode.
  8. Turn on audio and video.  

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