Upcoming Retirements

It was with great sadness and surprise that the school community learned of the upcoming retirements of our principal, Kathryn Crowley and assistant principal, Bernie Grant. Both will retire at Christmas following a life dedicated to teaching and learning. Both of them have worked tirelessly in St. Louise’s School over a long number of years and have had a huge influence on the lives of the pupils in the school. They will be dearly missed by their colleagues, pupils, the parent body and extended school community. We hope they both enjoy their last term in St. Louise’s – it’s bound to be a busy one! Below find Ms. Crowley’s retirement letter.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we have begun another new school year in St. Louise de Marillac Primary School – having opened our doors for the first time in September 1958.

                It has been a great privilege for me to play my part in the growth and development of St. Louise’s Primary School during the past fifteen years.  When I accepted the job as Principal in 2002, I hoped I could make a positive contribution to the education and lives of our children in Ballyfermot and their families. I know the right time has come for me now to hand on the baton to the next leader and Principal of the school and so I will be retiring from teaching after the Christmas break and it is the intention that a new principal will be in place in January 2018.

                I am very fortunate to have had many wonderful opportunities, experiences and roles in my teaching career. It has been a particular honour and privilege for me to serve the community of Ballyfermot through my work in St. Louise’s since 2002. The staff members who I work alongside in St. Louise’s are the most dedicated, hard-working and committed people I have ever worked with and your children are lucky to meet them every day at school.

                I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank each of you, as parents and partners in our great school, for welcoming me into your community with a big heart and for your tremendous support to me in my role as Principal. I wish the school community of St. Louise’s continued success and know that it will go from strength to strength for years to come and will adapt and meet the challenges of our changing society and world.


With kindest regards and sincere good wishes to you all,


Kathryn Crowley



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