Week Beginning 20th April & PADLET

Dear Parents / Guardians,

I hope you and your families are all safe and well after the Easter break. We were hoping to return to school tomorrow but as you are aware school closure has been extended until Tuesday 5th May, with a possibility of a further extension.

In order to support your child’s learning at home, your child / children’s teacher has been busy preparing work for the children to complete at home this coming week (Monday 20th – Friday 24th). The work is available on a padlet (a padlet is a type of website).

There are four padlets:

Padlet 1: Early Start, Junior & Senior Infant pupils

Padlet 2: 1st & 2nd class pupils

Padlet 3: 3rd & 4th class pupils

Padlet 4: 5th & 6th class pupils

Follow the link below to the appropriate padlet for your child, click on the relevant class e.g. if your child is in 1st class, click on 1st class. Use the scroll bar to the right of the class level to see the work assigned. The three dots in the right hand corner allow you to expand the post to make it easier to read.

This work is a suggested outline of work for the week. We recommend getting your child used to the routine of doing some schoolwork again, along with plenty of physical activity, helping out at home and of course playtime! Your child’s health and well-being is the most important thing.

We realise that circumstances are different in different homes, so please do not feel under any pressure – encourage your child to do their best. If your child attends one of the special education teachers for extra help with reading or maths, there is a section on each padlet called “Resource Work”, where those teachers have posted work. The “General Activities For All” section provides more suggestions, which you may find useful. RTE’s school hub will continue to be broadcast each day from 11 to 12.

Here are the links to each of the padlets:

Early Start/Junior Infants /Senior Infants Padlet


1st/2nd class Padlet
3rd/4th class Padlet
5th/6th class Padlet


Each week your child/children’s teacher will post work to be completed for that week.

Kind regards,

Staff of St. Louise’s

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