6th Class Graduation

Invitation to 6th Class Graduation

Dear Parent / Guardian,

You and your daughter are invited to her 6th class graduation on Tuesday 23rd June – please see the timetable below for exact time for your daughter’s ceremony.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the graduation will take a different format this year. The girls will graduate in 4 groups – half a class at a time, divided alphabetically. The graduation ceremony will take place in the basketball court at the back of school. In order to comply with social distancing guidelines and arrangements for gatherings outdoors, only two adults may accompany each child. Other family members or younger siblings, unfortunately, will not be allowed to attend the event. Perhaps you could arrange a garden gathering for afterwards to celebrate with other family members.


The event will last roughly 30 minutes. Your daughter should wear her school uniform for the occasion. Your daughter will be presented with a certificate, a memento from the school to mark the time she spent in St. Louise’s, along with a gift from the Parents’ Association. It is important that your daughter stands in her designated spot on the court, which will be shown to you, and you may stand beside her for the duration of the ceremony. Some of the girls may not have seen each other since March – please talk to your daughter in advance of the ceremony and explain she will not be able to physically hug her friends on the day.


Please enter the school through the main reception door and use the glass door opposite the door into the PE hall to reach the basketball court. As we are hosting this celebration outdoors, if the weather forecast for Tuesday is bad, the ceremony may be postponed at short notice until Wednesday 24th. As 4 ceremonies will be taking place in quick succession, we ask your cooperation in leaving the school grounds promptly once the ceremony ends. Please wait to take any photographs until after the ceremony, once you have left the school grounds. Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this.


It was such a pity the girls did not get to receive their Confirmation as planned and we know they have missed out on exciting things, that would have happened in their final term of primary school, but we hope this graduation ceremony will allow them to say goodbye to their primary school and prepare them for the next chapter in their young lives.

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful support you have given your daughter since they started school and commend you for your engagement with the school over the course of her time in St. Louise’s.


Looking forward to seeing you at the graduation ceremony. Below see the timetable for the 4 graduations.


Kind regards,

Staff of St. Louise’s

Time Room Surnames from
9:30 Room 27 A – F
10:20 Room 27 G – S
11:30 Room 25 A – K
12:20 Room 25 L – W




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