6th Class Graduation Presentation

Unfortunately we could not say farewell to our wonderful 6th class girls in a face to face graduation ceremony as we had planned. As they finish primary school, we, the staff of St. Louise de Marillac Primary School, want to thank them for the wonderful contribution they made to life in our school during their time here. Some girls were pupils for nine years; joining our Early Start class as cute, innocent 3 year olds!! It is amazing how quickly time flies.

We have put together some of the highlights from your time in St. Louise’s. We are so proud of your achievements and wish you all continued success in your secondary school. Thanks to your parents and guardians for the fantastic support and cooperation they gave the school. You will be really missed girls! Please click on the video below to view some memories of your primary school days.


Here is a special message from President Michael D. Higgins.

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